Kim Knight

Kim KnightWith nearly 15 years of industry experience Kim Knight has outstanding knowledge of all aspects of production. Kim came to the photo industry after studying fashion merchandising and ultimately graduating with degrees both in art history and photography. She spent a number of years honing her skills as a photographer assisting some of the most celebrated shooters in Chicago and around the country. Kim went on to build her own successful business shooting celebrities including Oprah Winfrey and prominent rock musicians while also working for a number of catalog companies. Though Kim greatly enjoyed shooting, she found a natural and welcome fit working as the studio manager and in-house producer for a very in-demand photographer. As a producer, Kim found the perfect marriage of her skills as a strong leader, insightful negotiator and detailed planner coupled with her competent knowledge of working on the other side of the camera.

Building and managing superior, first-class productions is Kim's passion. Over the years, Kim has built a repertoire of outstanding crew members which she culls to create the most tailored, effective teams to deliver the absolute best result for each client. Kim's exceptional business acumen and perceptive interpersonal skills help her steer negotiations, budgeting and the on-set production of jobs. Her unique combination of abilities results in projects that are consistently on-time and always within budget. Having produced jobs on both coasts and everywhere in-between, a Kim Knight production is an assurance that you will work with the best crew and that your client will receive the best, most competent service available whether it be a one-day studio shoot, or a multi-day, multi-platform campaign.

Tonya Cook

Growing up with a professional photographer as a father, Tonya spent most of her life in front of or behind a camera. She developed and pursued her love of photography all the way through her graduate studies at Purdue University. Since her start as studio manager for Paul Elledge, she has worked with some of the best in the business. While working there she realized that the business and production end of commercial photography was the perfect fit for her. Tonya learned from one of the best producers in the industry and gained the invaluable experience and skills needed to produce a job from the estimating stage to the post-production wrap. She is organized, thorough, professional, and dedicated to every aspect of the shoot so that the client can focus on doing what they do best: creating beautiful images.

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